March 24, 2017





ACA Headquarters

Bluegrass Conference Room: 9:00am - 5:00pm (ET)

801  Brighton Ave.

Richmond, KY  40475


Registration deadline:  March 19, 2017



Many of the ideas presented at the Assessment Workshop during the 2016 Summit suggested that all of us have much to learn from one another and much to offer to one another in developing our institutional programs. With that in mind, we have scheduled a workshop for assessment coordinators for the spring. This program is being billed as a workshop as opposed to a conference because it is designed to engage you in looking at your own assessment program, sharing your strengths with others and learning from others how you might improve your own program. The rationale behind this kind of workshop is that all of us have something to offer and all of us have something to learn. Chaucer said of his young scholar that he would “gladly teach and gladly learn.” We envision a workshop in which we practice those words.

*There is no registration fee to attend this workshop