The Appalachian College Association - University of North Carolina Asheville (ACA-UNC Asheville) Partnership for Undergraduate Research


The ACA and the University of North Carolina Asheville began their partnership with with the shared goal of developing region-wide strength in undergraduate research through targeted institutional development, support for faculty-student projects and funding for symposia at which students present their work. The University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) has long been noted for its strong liberal arts program with a focus on undergraduate research and is located within the ACA geographic region.

The UNCA-ACA Partnership for Undergraduate Research will award of total of 4 teams (2 faculty/4 students preferred per team) in the arts, humanities and humanistic social sciences, a maximum of $5000 to participate in UNC Asheville's Undergraduate Research.  Priority will be given to faculty members who have not previously participated in the program.


To apply, teams must submit electronically a 2 page statement that includes the following:

  • a description of the proposed scholarly, creative, or research project(s) and how the faculty plan to work with the students (e.g., frequency of meetings, approach to mentoring);
  • a description of  how the project contributes to the scholarly literature; creative field, including planned shows or performances; or addresses a community need;
  • contact information for each of the two faculty team members (department, phone, email) and a proposed budget not to exceed $5,000.


Funds may be used for faculty stipends (please note that stipends are subject to current withholding tax rates), supplies or equipment, and travel to conduct research. Funds may NOT be used for student stipends.  Rather, students ought to receive course credit for their work.

Selected teams must require their (at least 4) students to present at UNC Asheville’s Fall 2017 Symposium on December 5, 2017 and to submit papers to the UNC Asheville UGR Journal.  Expenses to travel and present will be reimbursed as needed for ACA participants.  

Proposals will be evaluated on potential to provide a meaningful undergraduate research experience, scholarly merit, and capacity to meet a community need.  Preference will be given to teams consisting of faculty from two different departments and for proposals that feature engaged scholarship, broadly defined. 
Please send applications to Mark Harvey (mharvey@unca.edu).  Please call 828-251-6831 or email Mark with questions.


Deadline for Applications:  Monday, March 6, 2017