Travel Grants


Travel grants are administered by the Chief Academic Officer of an ACA member institution and are awarded up to $1000 per academic year per institution.  These funds are dedicated to assist faculty as they present their research at regional, national, and international conferences.  At least 75% of these funds are allocated to faculty in the liberal arts and sciences.


  • The ACA will reimburse up to 50% of the documented expenses for registration (not including association membership) and travel (mileage and/or plane fare, food, and lodging).
  • The maximum allowable amount is $500 for presentation at a professional meeting and $1000 for participation in a nationally recognized workshop lasting five or more days.
  • Travel grant reimbursements must be requested at the end of each semester.
  • A Travel Grant request must be accompanied by a brief report from the faculty member reflecting the benefits gained by presenting at the conference. This may be submitted electronically and in PDF format to
  • Although applications for grants for joint presentations are wecome, only one ACA travel grant can be awarded per presentation.
  • Travel Grants can only be submitted by the Chief Academic Officer of a member institution.


NOTE:  Faculty members whose role in a conference is limited to being a commentator, responding to panel members, session moderator, or officer, are not eligible for an ACA travel grant. In addition, presentations at ACA events are not eligible for ACA travel grants.  

*Our expectation is that no single faculty member will request more than one award per year. 



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