TLI Attendees 2018


The Teaching and Leadership Institute (TLI)

The colleges and universities of the Appalachian College Association share a common commitment to support their students through exceptional teaching and learning opportunities. To these ends, each summer, the ACA hosts an intensive, week-long workshop delivered by national experts and master-teachers from ACA institutions, designed to promote pedagogical development and innovation among member institution faculty. The Institute emphasizes integrated learning, student centered learning theories,  and best teaching practices.

2019 will mark the TLI's seventeenth year.  At the request of the ACA Deans’ Council, the  Institute began in the summer of 2003 at Montreat College to provide professional development for faculty on pedagogical techniques.  Each year the Institute benefits from and builds upon the experiences of the previous participants.

In 2017, upon the recommendation of the Council of Chief Academic Officers, the Institute added a much needed additional track focused upon academic leadership development. Going forward, the plan is to sustain two tracks at the newly conceptualized Teaching and Leadership Institute: Track One will continue our traditional focus upon teaching and learning, while Track Two will furnish opportunities for leadership development.

We encourage all ACA faculty to consider participating in these valuable experiences! 

To view a short informational video on Track One for 2018, click here.